Painting Progress – 20100811

Although we went out of town for the top half of my week’s vacation, I got to spend the bottom half of the week at home, in the man cave, doing hobby stuff.

For starters, I got the ball rolling on some new terrain; I’m working towards building an underground themed board to match the new basing scheme I’m using with my Skaven (see this post for an example).  No real pictures for this, yet, since I’ve just got one piece of terrain (a cave pool) done up, and I think I might have used too much Water Effects on it. : /

I spent the bulk of my time churning through a box of Clanrats.  Before ducking out, I’d decided (as so many other folks have) to do my Clanrats with the armored bodies and my Skavenslaves with the unarmored bodies.  Across three days, I’d painted up the whole box (well, 19 of them, since I’d painted up one as a test model when the kit first came out).  I’m extremely happy with how they came out… less so with the pictures.  Apologies in advance if I decide I’m disgusted enough with these to re-take and re-post them.

First, the Slaves:

Then, the Clanrats:

Obviously, I still need to paint the banner.  Not sure when I’m going to do that: I’ve been so stopped up on those things, I decided to push on and do more models instead of fuss around with the banner.

I also did a little re-basing.  I’m going to have to do a lot of that before I’m done.  One of my Plague Mortars got dropped a few weeks ago, so he was a good candidate.  Also, I decided to go ahead and do my Warlock Engineer.