Truck WIPs

Partisan Truck WIP (2)

Last summer, when I started putting together this Partisan list, I picked up a bunch of Ledo/Welly trucks.  There are better, resin options, but they all run 3-4 times as expensive as just using what’s effectively an upscaled Matchbox car.  I finally got around to painting them this weekend.

They started out looking like this (well, there was an orange gas, a blue tire, and a red beer, but still):

Welly Lorry

Partisan Truck WIP (2)

Partisan Truck WIP (1)

They’re not great, but they’re okay. Better than unpainted.  Practice is practice. I’ve got a few more that are smaller (took me a couple of tries to figure out which scale worked better), so I might practice some more on them.

Definitely had some lessons learned in terms of applying the paint.  Will definitely want to disassemble them and paint them in pieces next time. Finally, the automotive primer I like to use didn’t like the tires, which as far as I can tell are actual rubber.  I had to gesso over them to get paint to stick.

I still have to figure out something clever to put on the side panels, then they’ll get a final lick of Dulcote, and I’ll put the windshields back in.  I really ought to weather them, if only to cover up the airbrush mistakes.