Not Dead Yet

Great Caesar’s Ghost, it’s been quiet around here! 20 days since a post with actual content?

Really, it’s been the opposite of ‘quiet.’  Between the holidays and work crushing my dice bag, I’ve done hardly any hobby work since my last hobby post.

The fleshy details on the Bloodbrides are all done: I just need to paint the brass and do the red cloth and I’m pretty much done.  Maybe I can wrap them up this weekend.  That’d be nice.

I’ve played as much as possible in the Escalation League, which works out to about every other week.  I’ve been getting the Khornage stomped out of me: I’m hoping that changes up a bit as point levels creep up.  This also motivates me to start bringing a more balanced list (that is, one that includes shooting).

I need to wrap up the Hobby Status Google Spreadsheet I promised way back when.  The last time I tried doing anything with it, I ran into some issues with the way Google wants to handle custom functions.

Finally, I’m eyeballing starting up a D&D campaign of some sort in 2011 and have decided to start noodling about that out loud.  If you’re curious about what’s rattling around in there, feel welcome to check out Owlbear Stabbings (which is a much better name than Warpstone Pile).