Wrath of Kings – Goritsi

WoK - Zeti War Dancers

I’m progressively less pleased with my Wrath of Kings models.

I was very satisfied with the Ravenscar Mercenaries, am not entirely satisfied with the Zeti War Dancers, ambivalent about the Skorza, and I just damn hate the specialists. That’s the order they were painted in, too.

Where the Ravenscar are actually some of my favorite WoK models, the Zeti are actually my least favorite ones.  I hate their stupid hair, most of all.

I was shooting for a dead, pale fleshtone.  I think I swung too far to the blue, but it holds up okay.  It looks even better standing next to the Ravenscar; it makes them look even more dead and unnatural.

Instead of doing the usual eye thing, I simply painted their eyes black.  It looks less skillful but, again, they’re goddamn vampires.

WoK - Zeti War Dancers 2

WoK - Zeti War Dancers 1

WoK - Zeti Dance Master

WoK - Skorza Skirmishers

The Skorza Skirmishers turned out okay, but not the way I wanted them to. In my mind’s eye, I wanted them to have a more natural, realistic coloring but in the end it didn’t come together.  If I weren’t on a deadline, I’d have sunk more time into them to get them where I wanted, but it just wasn’t in the cards.

WoK - Skorza Alpha

The Skorza Alpha is in the same boat.  He’s alright, but nothing to write home about.

WoK - Scourge Hounds

Fuck these Scourge Hounds. They came out so bad, almost certainly because of the too-light fur.  There’s not enough contrast between the shadow and highlights, and something about it just makes the eyes look awful.  I’m better than these models.  These are beneath me.

WoK - Blood Engine 1

The Blood Engine turned out… okay.  The head is out of sync with the rest of the body: I tried doing a thing where I differentiated parts of the body from each other with different glazes but it didn’t work.  Something about the way I rolled that back with its head didn’t quite work. I think I’ve covered for it, but it’s obvious enough to bug me.

WoK - Blood Engine 2

It’s done.  I painted a Wrath of Kings Skirmish force in about 3 weeks, which is fast for me.  Given that I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do it in time for NOVA, I’ll count it a victory, no matter how ass the Scourge Hounds look. It’s all of the Wave 1 models, save for a few named characters and the Shield Breakers, though it’s about a third of the Zeti and half of the Skorza and Ravenscar I actually have.