Painting Progress – 201000412

Despite spending a good chunk of the weekend driving down to Williamsburg and back, I feel like this was an incredibly productive weekend.  How do I know this?  I can barely feel my fingertips.

Sternguard Veterans x10

Since I last posted about these guys, I’ve finished cleaning them (manually, picking out the crud with my seam scraper, which worked well enough), reassembling them, basing them (on some MicroArt Old Factory bases) and finally priming them.

So, they’re ready to go.  Tonight, I hope to get started.  They’re my #1 priority.

Daemon Princes x3

Nothing here.  I don’t expect to make any progress on these guys until I’m done with the Sternguard.

Display Board

Done!  I hope to take some pictures of it tonight.  There are some things about it I think maybe could have come together a bit better, but the finished product is certainly good enough.

Dark Heresy

As with the Daemon Princes, no progress here, and likely there won’t be any until I’m done with the Vets.


Earlier last week, I assembled and based a few Guild minis (Governor’s Proxy, Purifying Flame and Nino Ortega).

While the primer was trying on the vets, I disassembled, recleaned, reassembed and rebased (on DragonForge round-lip Trench Board bases that, with the right paint job and some water effects will, I think, look appropriately swampy) the Bayou Gremlin starter and then pushed on and did the same for a few more Gremlin minis (Hog Whisperer, Giant Mosquito x2, Piglets x4).

All that’s left to do here is find a washer to glue to the bottom of the 50mm Warpig base (and then attach both it and the Warpig to said base).  At that point, everything I have for Malifaux will be ready for play.  I won’t buy anything more until I’ve painted what I’ve got, and I won’t paint anything until I’m done with the Sternguard.


I did get a game in at the GW Fair Oaks store with Casey, running his Tyranids, on Wednesday.  Did a random Battle Mission, ended up with the night fight Daemon mission.  It ended up being a surprisingly close game; it was a lot of fun, though I’m glad I don’t game at the GW store often.  The lack of seating really kicks my butt.

Also, I broke a leg off of a Soul Grinder.  Again.  I’m officially sick of that, in case anyone was wondering.  I’m scoping out what would be involved (in terms of materials and cost) with moving to Battlefoam to transport these bastards.