Wednesday Workbench

Wednesday Workbench 20140326


Wrapped up a couple of Deadzone Mercs over the weekend that I should probably photograph.

Now I’m working Wrath and Freya, which will leave just the Chovar to do, as far as Deadzone Mercs are concerned (Recon is an Enforcer).

I also need to finish the Reaper Valkyrie that I started as a priming with gesso test.  She’s actually looking pretty good, and needs just a little more work before she’s done.

Then I’ve got the Hasslefree MacReady.  Hells to the yeah.

Finally, I’ve got a test model.  I’ve mumbled about what I’ll be doing with it on Twitter a bit, but I think I’ll wait a bit longer (at least until the rest of the models show up, Customs) before I talk about it here.