Display Board WIP

I’m just about ready to slap some paint down on the display board I’ve built for my Khornate Chaos Daemons.  Not a bad idea to snap a few pics before then.

The board is 3/4′ MDF, cut to be ~17″ x ~26″.  I needed a 15″ x 24″ board, but wanted room for the border (which I knew I needed to help keep things from falling off).  The raised parts are pink insulation foam.

All of the flat surfaces are covered in the same textured plasticard I used to make my bases.

The dais in the center is textured plasticard, plus some extra plasticard cut into an octagon and a Khorne symbol.  Nothing fancy there, I suppose, but I put a lot of work into cutting it out, so I’m proud of it.

I’ve had an Arcane Ruins set since GW released them that I’ve done nothing with… I got a lot of use out of it on this.  The skulls and faces on the edges of the raised platforms are from it, as is the obelisk in the back center.  I’ve tarted up the obelisk with some ForgeWorld etched brass Khorne symbols.

I originally tried gluing the skulls and faces on with E-6000 for some ridiculous reason.  That was a mistake: the glue ate through the foam like a hippo through marbles.  I ended up filling in the holes and gluing on the faces with wood glue.

The board rests on a breakfast tray.  This idea is blatantly stolen from Matt Hoell, who uses one as his display board.  I needed more room than the tray’s surface offers, however: hence the MDF.  I need to affix the board to the tray, though: I want to lift the board off the table, but I don’t want to make it that much easier to be knocked over.

So, there’s a bolt that goes through the board and through the tray.  There’s only one, because I wanted it to be removable, and there’s really only one spot I can hide a bolt: under the obelisk.  I’ll lift and carry the board by the tray, not the by the board.

Because it’s removable, 1) I’ll be able to reuse the tray with other display boards and 2) be able to store the whole mess more easily.

Also, the bolt is metal, which allowed me to glue a magnet to the inside of the obelisk.  That’ll keep it in place… but be easily removed and stored.  (I might even turn it into a fifth objective marker.)

EDIT: I’ve finished this!  You can find some pictures of the finished product here.