Monthly Archives: March 2017

Painting Machine

The past month has been unusually productive for me: I blew through two batches of Nomads for Infinity (17 models total) as well as a huge chunk of my unpainted Goritsi (only 21 models left).

Spent a bit more than I’d planned on figures, so it’s nice to know that despite that: the painting pile has shrunk and not grown.

Next, I think I’m going to work on some pieces for Historicon: it’ll be the last year I go, so I’d like to have a good showing. Then: it’ll be more Nomads, Goritsi, or Flames of War depending on what I’m actually rolling dice around.


Just looked at my charts:

Yeah, I’m getting stuff done this year.

Need to paint more bases

After basing the latest batch of Nomads, I realized I’m down to 7 25mm painted bases:  it enough to base the Nomads I have yet to paint, nevermind rebase.

Clearly the first batch didn’t have enough 25s in it, due to getting all the 40s and 55s I hope I’ll need for a while.

Next up, I guess:

Feels like the weekend, so I’m drinking bourbon and painting Goritsi.

Madicon is immanent.  My first Madicon was 21 years ago; I missed 2 during my three-year stint in Texas, so it’ll only be my 19th(!) Madicon.

Gotta edge these suckers and Dulcote ’em and I’m done.  New painted Nomads will go on them.

Next up: some Nomads (I’m thinking Tomcats and Morans) and/or my remaining unpainted Goritsi Skorza models because now that I have a solid base of painted Goritsi, it’s not a long march to get paint a few models and change the way they play.

Weekend Workbench

Working on some more Warsenal bases; Tunguskan, for my Nomads.

I’ve seriously become a huge fan of these bases.  My Nomads are currently based on Dragonforge bases which, although IMO they’re the best resin bases out there, aren’t quite right for the Nomads and with a ~4 month manufacturing time simply aren’t viable for me any more.

Also: packed for Madicon: