Painting Progress – 20110120

This is my DOOM stick!

I wasn’t nearly as productive over the weekend as I expected to be, but that’s okay.  I chalk it up to needing to remember how to paint Clanrats again.  Last time I worked on these guys, I did 5 fairly slowly, then churned through 45 more in quick time before getting burned out.  Let’s hope that’s how it plays out this time: I only need another 5 Clanrats and 20 Skavenslaves before I can move on.

I did paint up the Warlock Engineer I threw together back in September.  After putting him on some cork and adding a bit of chain: I’m not afraid to say that he looks bad ass.

He’s painted the same way I paint all of my Skaven (recipes can be found here).

Anyway, I painted 5 Clanrats, including a champion and a musician.  We’ve all seen what these guys look like, so I won’t dwell on them.

Maybe I’ll take more thorough pictures of them when I’ve got the unit finished.