Damage Assessment

In the end, things were worse than I’d have liked, but much better than they could have been.  Given that I had something like 23 models on the tray: only 3 were damaged (so far as I can tell).  That’s fabulous.

The worst was probably the Tsylong/Lunokhod – that stupid fender was a pain to get on there, and the fin in the back even harder.  I’m not surprised those went, and I guess I need to be thankful that only one fender broke.

The second worst is probably the Salyut: those antenna sucked to get on there, and although the antenna in the middle looked like it snapped, it was only bent.  The paint split along the bend, but that’s all.

The least extreme but most troubling was the Iguana. There’s a paint chip on his shoulder and his arm is extremely loose.  Shifting him jiggles it.  I need to decide if I want to pull it out and reglue it or just wait for it to come off before repairing it.  Regardless, I probably need to just keep in in the display case from now on.

I’ve already started gluing the remotes back together.  Hopefully that last fin doesn’t give me too much trouble.