Short-term Goals

Just because I’m not powering through a painting schedule any more doesn’t mean I shouldn’t have some sort of direction to what I’m working on.  So, roughly, I plan to work on the following and have it done in a month or so:

Sternguard Veterans x10

This is my commission from the Battle for the Cure Auction, so it’s kind of my highest priority thing.  I told Mark I’d have them done in a month or so, and I think that’s a reasonable goal.  They came to me primed, but had kind of a lot of flash on them, so I trimmed that off, and am now stripping the primer.  Probably should blow through a spare Black Reach marine with his paint scheme to make sure he’s happy with what I’ll be doing.

Daemon Princes x3

They were “done” in time for the Battle for the Cure, but they still needed some blood spatters and highlighting on the wings (which is why I’ve yet to take pictures of them).  I imagine that’ll be done before the weekend, but there’s no hurry… just a desire to wrap them up.

Display Board

I don’t have one for my Daemons, and I need one.  At the very least, I need it in time for the IFL RTT on 4/17, so there’s lots of time.  Stealing shamelessly, from Matt Hoell, I’ve got a tray on order that I’ll use as a base: when it gets here, I’ll decide if I need a wider surface area and build out from that or if I can leave it as is.  I’ll definitely need to track down more of the textured plasticard used on my bases, and I’ll need to figure out a good way to break up the seams between them (since it looks like the patterns don’t interlock very well).

I’ll also be designing it with the intent of reusing that tray from one display board to another: it’ll just just be a structure to which the army-specific display board is attached.

Dark Heresy

I’m riding the post-Madicon Dark Heresy wave, so I’m painting up a couple of figures for it… they’ll also be able to do double-duty as Inquisitors and Henchmen in my Dark Angels army when I next run them.  Right now, I’m starting off with Solomon Lok and some… dude.  Two bolt pistols, a trench coat, belts and belts of ammo and a buzzcut.

After that, who knows?