“Long sobs of autumn violins…”

“… wound my heart with a monotonous languor.”

Partisans - Guerillas

I’ve been pretty busy on the hobby front lately, and although I keep meaning to do a Wednesday workbench I’ve wrapped whatever I’ve been working on before I remember to take a picture.   This is better than the alternative, though, right?

It’s been Partisans for the past several weeks. I picked up a bunch over the summer (right before the move, because I am an idiot with poor judgement), and with Amiens in the rear-view I’m finally able to start working on them.

Partisan Squad 1

We’re doing an Eastern Front league out at Huzzah, so I’m running them as “Partisans (The Good Kind),” which is to say they’re along the lines of the Bielski Partisans.  They’re ultimately intended to be French Resistance/FFI/Maquisards, though; I’m waiting until the league ends before going back through and painting on the tricolor armbands.

Partisan Squad 2

These are almost all Artizan Designs, with a couple of Victory Force minis in there (they’re the weapon teams primarily, and that’ll be the next batch).

I’m quite pleased with them.  I’ve been using the tri-color toning on their faces; although some have come out better than others, I’ve yet to be disappointed by the results.  Unfortunately, said results haven’t been photographing very well.  See for yourself:

Partisans (1)

Partisans (2)

Partisans (3)

Partisans (4)

Partisans (5)

Partisans (6)

Partisans (7)

Partisans (8)

Partisans (9)

I’ve also built (but have yet to paint) some objectives and IEDs (in Bolt Action, partisans get explosive markers they can place on the board).  They’re based the same way the rest of the force is, but with a bit more interest in the base with the curb.  One’s a fallen Type C container (with wires to look like parachute cord), one’s a stack of illegal newspapers, and one’s a suitcase radio transmitter.

Partisan Objectives

I’m in pretty good shape with them. One, maybe two, batches of people left to paint.  Then a trio of trucks (that want a little more work) and a couple of looted vehicles (an IZM armored car and a CV-33 Lanciaflamme tank) and I’m done!

UPDATE: Got a game in with them last night, and took the opportunity to snap a quick photo of their overall progress.  Like I said: almost there!