New Edition – Acquired!

40K 6E’s here!

As planned, Casey, Ashley, blogless Bart and I drove out to the Bowie Bunker for the midnight release.

Unfortunately, a severe thunderstorm hit both us and the Bunker on the way up.  The drive up was crazy: we saw thee wind blow one of those giant “<--" signs across a lane of traffic and into the side of a truck.  We had to dodge a orange traffic barrel as it blew across our lane.  It was crazy.

It also knocked out power at the Bunker, which was kind of a drag.

Instead of being able to check out the Bunker’s new digs, take pictures with the space marine, and maybe/maybe not buy random Warhammer 40,000 swag … we couldn’t actually go into the bunker to look around, much less buy anything.  Totally, utterly understandable, but it was kind of a long, dangerous drive in the middle of the night to just collect a box and go.

I suppose I should be thankful that they handed out preorders; there would have been Problems if they hadn’t, but still, I appreciate it.

Haven’t gotten anywhere with the book yet: Friday was a long day for me, but on an initial casual flip-through it’s the most beautiful book Games Workshop’s published yet… and given how gorgeous Warhammer Fantasy 8E was, that says a lot.

Great job, GW!