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It Came from the Lightbox: WAAGHBusters

Testament to how nuts November has been that I’m only now getting around to posting my Orktober project: some Orks from PuppetsWar.

It Came from the Lightbox: More Leviathan Tyranids

Managed to wrap up the remaining, non-CP Tyranid half of Leviathan. Not up to 1k points, though.

It Came from the Lightbox: Leviathan Tyranids

In honor of European Orcas taking direct action, I’m naming my Tyranids “Hive Fleet Porphyrios.” This is just the Combat Patrol: I’ve got a few more models in the Leviathan box to paint up, but this is a milestone, at least.

It Came from the Lightbox: Minotaurs Intercession Squad

I magnetized the Sergeant for obvious reasons.

Because I had so many arms, I decided to make a little tree to hang them off of. I had a basic little shape but immediately decided to overcomplicate it. (The skull and base aren’t mine but the rest is.). I’m not competent enough for cables, but that’s what green stuff is for.

It Came from the Lightbox: Gallowdark

I finished painting the Into the Dark / Boarding Action / Gallowdark terrain this weekend! It’s been such a huge lift over the past couple of months, it grew exhausting.

Here are some lightbox shots of a couple of pieces. Not everything, obviously: it’s Into the Dark + Shadowvault + the Soulshackle upgrade sprues (so basically two Gallowdarks and two upgrade sets). Most everything here is in sets of four.

If I counted right: 165 pieces. Yeesh.

I did a little work with fluorescents; I think the result is fun enough I’m annoyed I didn’t do more of it. Odds it’ll ever be useful is nil, but I think it’s fun.

And! I was able to fit everything in a single container for storage. Everything’s in a single 17L Really Useful Box. This is possibly the most satisfying part of the project: the perfect storage solution.

WIP Genestealer Enforcers

These guys have taken forever; waiting several eternities for glue to dry, etc. Still need to do some green stuff on about half of them and I’m waiting on a head for one of the models.

These are supposed to be Genestealer Cultists that have corrupted hive governance. Guardrails on the project is to do them up for Kill Team.

Everything is basically just head and arm swaps but I think they work. Cult Agents are Necromunda hired guns with same.

It Came from the Lightbox: Battlefleet Gothic

I have no idea how it happened, but I painted up an ass-ton of Battlefleet Gothic (all Imperial Fists with the thought that they’d be usable in Battlefleet Heresy) and then never posted them. These photos are nearly a year old.

All of these are Soul Forge Studios; I backed them from day 1, but dropped off it last month because I haven’t done anything with any of the models since.

Everything is about as speed-paint-y as it gets for me. Basecoat, wash, drybrush, drybrush, then details. I think I did everything over the course of a weekend or an equivalent amount of time.

Yeah, the Eternal Crusader looks like a sex toy. I can’t help that. Silver Daddy Dorn knows what he wants and he gets it.

Some day, maybe I’ll play the game.

It Came from the Lightbox: Aeronautica Imperialis

Who knows if I’ll ever get to play the game, but I do enjoy painting Aeronautica Imperialis.

I felt obligated to paint up the Adeptus Astartes aircraft the same way I’ve been painting my Crimson Fists. I’m very pleased with the results, but it does mean that I couldn’t use the basecoat/oil wash approach I’ve been using for the other AI models.

I was able to do that with the Arvus, though. Only complaint with these guys: I got too excited about wrapping them up I forgot to put some decals on them.

It took a goddamn month for Forgeworld to ship the ground assets I’d preordered but I’ve got a whole post about how utter crap GW/FW has been about shipping well and above any sort of logistical challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic that I need to write up.

I also banged out some ground assets for my Navy/Guard and Tau, using the quick and dirty approaches I used on their respective aircraft.

It Came from the Lightbox: Aeronautica Imperialis

I love/hate these. I love how the aircraft came out: I think the results are excellent, particularly considering how little effort went into them. I hate how the bases came out: I feel like every decision I made around them was wrong and I ended up spending more time on the damn bases than the aircraft, if that’s believable.

When I say “little effort,” I mean it. These are all basecoated, a few details picked out with solid colors, and weathered with oils (burnt umber). That’s it. The Tau got the tiniest bit more effort, with the top being different colors from the bottom and with a second color being airbrushed on for “camo.”

Really the key is going light so you can go nuts with the oils. I started trying to just pin wash, and got lazy. That’s fine: it’s way to remove oil paint and that’s kind of the point. By brushing it away from nose to tail, I can clean up my mess and add texture & depth.

Bases aside, all of this was the work of maybe two afternoons.

These were my first batch. I skipped decals on these, and I feel like that was a huge mistake: just the tiniest bit more effort and they’d have come out quite a bit better.