Sweeping Generalization

I’m just going to put this out there:

The more stridently you argue to have comp and sportsmanship scores removed from tournaments, the more you convince me that you’re a horrible sportsman.

I’ve yet to see a perfect comp and/or sportsmanship system.  Produce a system, and it’ll be easy to find fault with it.  They’re all flawed.

But you know what?

Nothing’s perfect, and something’s better than nothing.  A flawed comp/sportsmanship system that, in some way, encourages good comp and sportsmanship and/or discourages bad comp and sportsmanship is better than none.

I mention this, because there are a couple of people on the IFL Forum who, in my opinion, have reached the point of threadcrapping with their compulsive need to interject their strident opposition to comp scores at any and every opportunity.

While I haven’t played all of these people, but I have played some of them… and the reasons for those I have played against to object are crystal-clear.  They’re terrible sportsmen!  (“Bad” isn’t enough; “terrible” is.)  Of course this-or-that person thinks sports and comp should be dropped: their terrible scores in those categories hurt them!

Now, maybe I’m being unfair to the ones I haven’t played.  Maybe they aren’t bad guys.  Maybe they just have some other, more legitimate reasons that I just haven’t been clued in on.  I can’t comprehend what those reasons could be, though, and when you stand next to and agree with the guy who hates sportsmanship because he’s a terrible sport with that much vehemence…