Painting Progress – 20090726

I’ve had a strange terrain fetish going on lately. It’s probably the result of getting in the Imperial Strongpoint and Landing Pad over the weekend.
I’ve had the crashed aquila lander from the 4th edition Battle for MacCragge floating around in a tub for a couple of years now. Unpainted, no longer!

It’s not the greatest job, in that it’s 90% drybrushed, but I think it’ll look good on the table.
I also combined the two bastions in the Strongpoint kit into a single, bigger bastion much like BrassScorpion did on Bell of Lost Souls. I’d forgotten that they’d written that article until I was nearly done with the project, though, which is why mine’s not as good. I didn’t think to use the spare door from the kit, so I ended up using a spare door from one of the Cities of Death kits. It looks… okay, but not as good, for sure.

I had more success with the Landing Pad! I’d had some concerns about storing it, that it would take up more space than it needed to and prone to breaking. At some warning about the poor contact points from John, I decided to magnetize the support struts.
I shaved off the lights inside the contact points and glue 20mm metal squares (of the sort I glue to the bottom of my WHFB figures) in their place.

Then, I cut plasticcard to fit across the inside of the strut, leaving room for the metal squares. I glued magnets to the inside of the plasticard before gluing the plasticard in place.

The end result are struts that are removable but, when placed, are disinclined to go anywhere. Had I used bigger, or more, magnets I’m sure the contact would be stronger, but what I’ve got is more than sufficient to make sure the terrain piece is stable enough to play with.
I also followed through on an impulse I had earlier this week: magnetizing my turn counter. I painted my turn counter last summer, when I got fed up with being unable to read the symbols on the (then) new 40K token set. I’ve been happy with it, and I always get a nice comment about it at tournaments.

The arrow’s loose, though. I obviously can’t glue it into place. So, I had the thought of drilling a small hole in each piece and glueing tiny magnets into them. Surprisingly, it worked really well! (Though, unfortunately, the process of drilling the holes seems to have pulled up some of the paint. Grrr.)