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It Came from the Lightbox: Demonship

I preordered Demonship from Black Site Studios about a month or so ago, and was pretty happy to pop it into the printer once the STLs were available. It looked like a fun little game and a very nice little hobby project, and the ability to get it digital only sealed the deal for me.

Only five models: the Survivor, and a couple of demons. I’d been pretty excited to grab a Doomguy/Doomslayer STL and print it, but the official model nailed the vibe pretty well, so I ended up sticking with him.

Forgot to grab one of these in the lightbox but: I decided to use fluorescent paints on these guys where I could. I didn’t have flou blue, which would have made these a lot more dramatic, but it’s a fun little thing.

I’m fairly satisfied with the terrain, which took a bit longer to paint than I’d hoped. Some things didn’t work (using texture for the grime), some things did (more fluorescent paints, more blood splatter).

Had a lot of fun with the monitors on the 2″x1″ wall. Wish I’d thought to put a pentagram in the screen of the actual Console piece.

The MDF kit actually turns the play area into a box. That’s a great idea, so I had to make a new play area (the STLs come with 3″x3″ tiles you print 4 of, instead of a 6″x6″ tile) and a box everything to go into.

It Came from the Lightbox: Minotaurs Intercession Squad

I magnetized the Sergeant for obvious reasons.

Because I had so many arms, I decided to make a little tree to hang them off of. I had a basic little shape but immediately decided to overcomplicate it. (The skull and base aren’t mine but the rest is.). I’m not competent enough for cables, but that’s what green stuff is for.


I’ve been screwing around with grisaille (the kids might call it “slapchop” but I call it “you have no excuse to not paint your Infinity models”) over the past week or two in prep for tackling my Epic Battles: Pike & Shotte box.

That spiraled into trying it out on a dozen printed Mirkwood Rangers for MESBG. I wasn’t thrilled by but was satisfied enough with my first batch, painted the normal way. Same is true of the slap chopped versions.

Can you tell which is which?

So far, everyone’s answer has been “the one on the right” and that’s either a testament to the effectiveness of the slapchop or a dis of my normal technique, because it’s the one on the left.

I think the breakthrough for me was recognizing I don’t need to do EVERYTHING with it… just cover enough ground with it to quickly do the parts it’s good for and then pivot to other techniques.

As my last post indicated, I’m about to tuck into a ton of Warmaster stuff with the technique to see how far I get and how fast.


I’m hyped as heck to start on my Push of Pike box, but while I’m prepping those models I’m taking a swing at slapchop grisaille on some larger models.