Rats for the Cure

After painting the Clash for the Cure High Elf, I kinda felt like I was on a roll painting pink.  It’s so striking.  It’s bright and pops out at you: the vast majority of models out there tend to be dark, drab and (frankly) boring to look at at table-distance.  Even my Skaven are starting to run that way, you know?

So, that obviously let me into painting up a counter piece to the elf: the Skaven Warlord from Island of Blood.

There’s not nearly as much pink on him as there is on the Elf, but I think it’s a little more interesting.  Each pink feature’s a little different in the way I pulled it together.

I still need to paint something on the banner: I need to figure out what.  It’ll either be a glyph-like ribbon symbol, some sort of runic “FUCK CANCER” or “RATS FOR THE CURE” (which I think is brilliant).  Probably some combination of that.  I wanted to get the model varnished first, though: so I could paint whatever without worrying about wiping off work and so I could go ahead and photograph the mini.

He’ll probably go in as my BSB at the Clash for the Cure.