Video vs. Writing

More and more, I see people turning to video battle reports and reviews.  Bell of Lost Souls has done them for nearly half a year, now, and Jay’s gotten really spun up on them.

I gotta say (and, because this is the most appropriate place for saying it, Imma say it here): I don’t like ’em.
I mean, I’m not ideologically opposed to them.  I don’t think they should be purged with cleansing fire, or anything.
I just can’t do anything with them.
Video requires a wholeness of attention and an investment of time that’s much greater than written word.  I can quietly scope out a battle report like Salvage’s most recent one in a moment or two and, if so inclined, read through it in a few minutes.  Watching a video battle report requires 5-10 minutes, of undivided attention.  And requires audio (which always makes killing a few minutes of work difficult).
I don’t think I get any more from video reports than written ones, and it’s certainly a lot harder to get anything from them.
Now, I fully admit that I don’t have much of a leg to stand on here: it’s not like I write much in the way of battle reports (not much there, and what I do have is more “musing” than “report”).   But, still.

What do y’all think?