Necron Test-Run

I got in a test game with the new Necrons on Tuesday.

Here’s the list I threw together.  I’m sure that it only bears passing resemblance to any Necron list I’d be playing six months from now, but I’ve got to start somewhere, right?

Necron Test List – 1,850

Nemesor Zandrekh

Triarch Stalker
Triarch Stalker

Warriors x20
– Cryptek – Eldritch Lance, Solar Pulse
Warriors x9
– Cryptek – Eldritch Lance, Gaze of Flame
– Ghost Ark
Warriors x10
– Ghost Ark

Fast Attack
Canoptek Scarabs x6
Canoptek Scarabs x5

Heavy Support
Annihilation Barge
Annihilation Barge
Canoptek Spyder x3 – Fabricator Array, Gloom Prism

I proxied everything with AT-43 Therians, which wasn’t terribly inappropriate (though they were all on bases that were too big).

I ended up playing against Ashley‘s Slaaneshi Daemons.  It was pretty brutal: I wrecked them pretty badly.  That shouldn’t be too much of a surprise: these Necrons are really hot when it comes to zapping infantry… and she had a lot of infantry.  I’ve got to get in a few games against Imperial Guard to see how it copes (if at all) with a parking lot full of transports.

Some observations:

  • Nemesor wasn’t a whole lot of use here.  The special rules didn’t make a huge difference, and she didn’t have enough units with special rules to take a way.  I opted to not Deep Strike anything, so that didn’t make a difference, either.  I’m curious to see how he fares against armies that leverage special rules more, though: he seems like a really good choice.
  • The Triarch Stalkers were amazing.  A double-tapped multimelta’s not bad, but making everything else twin-linked became a little obscene.  We can pray that Tau Markerlights are this effective.  What’s better than 50 gauss flayers shooting at a unit?  50 twin-linked gauss flayers.  Zap.
  • Ghost Arks were pretty sweet.  She had a hard time cracking through Quantum Shielding, which meant they were pretty safe, and they belched out an obscene amount of fire.
  • Scarabs did okay, despite the fact that there was no armor for them to munch on.
  • Annihilation Barges were okay, but I’m not sure how useful they’ll be against armor. The Tesla rule was pretty dang crazy: at no point did I not get at least one Tesla hit.  So, with 5-8 (yeah, that happened) S7 shots, I should be able to handle transports with them at least.
  • Spyders didn’t get the chance to do much: I need to work to keep them in range of the scarabs.
What have other folks’ experiences been with the Newcrons so far?