Painting Progress – 20100626

Lost most of my free time this week/weekend to Batman: Arkham Asylum (missed the game the first time around). 

Besides that, I touched a few spots on the Bloodcrushers with paint, and fiddled a bit with my Skaven.
I snipped the rods on the War Litter I build a while back.  I liked it, but the platform was so high up, it was a bit silly.  So, I brought it down.  Also, finally put a banner on the pole.
Also, post some stripping with Dawn Power Dissolver (post to follow), I caught the bug to build a new Battle Standard Bearer.  I’ve been using this guy for a long time:
It’s a little standard, though.  I’ve had a spare extra of this model who’d see some half-hearted conversion that I’d gotten in a lot a while back.  So, I started with that.
The shield is from the Warg Riders kit, I think, and the weapon is from the Stormvermin kit.  This is my first time using cork on a base.  We’ll see how it works out.  For the banner, I used the banner from the Minotaur kit.
It’s so enormous, there’s no mistaking it.  I’M THE STANDARD BEARER.  THE BATTLE STANDARD BEARER.  (Do they make a bigger banner?  Probably not.)  I love it.
In other news, my interview with Pat should be in tomorrow’s episode of the 11th Company.  Hope I sound like less of an idiot than I actually am.