Painting Progress – 20100329

Spent the bulk of last week and this weekend trying to beat the house into submission: we’ve got family in town for the next couple of weeks.  Trouble focusing didn’t help me get much out of the hobby time I did have, either.

Sternguard Veterans x10

Not much progress here.  I picked out some gap gunk on a couple of models, but at this point I’m really just waiting on the jewelry cleaner to see if that works out.  The replacement arm did show up, however: I’ve got to pop by GW Fair Oaks to pick it up.  (That was a really fast turnaround: ordered Thursday, in-store Saturday!)

Daemon Princes x3

Nothing here. Not sure why.  Just need to bang out some highlights on the wings and then I’m done.  It’s tedious, but requires very little actual thinking… which should make it perfect for lack-of-focus work.

Display Board

Do have progress here.  The tray I’m going to mount this on showed up, as did my Forgeworld order (with some models I’m going to use as objective markers, as well as the brass Khorne icons).  I’ve cut out the foam for the raised sections, done some plasticard cutting (more than I think I’ve ever really done).  I’ll be stopping by Home Depot on the way home from work to pick up some MDF and quarter-round (for a lip).

At that point, it’ll just be a matter of cutting the quarter-round, gluing and nailing the wood parts together, sticking on the raised foam parts, and gluing down the plasticard.  I think painting will be tedious, but will go by quickly.

I’ll have a post with some WIP pics, I think, as soon as I’ve got the wood.

Dark Heresy

Wrapped up the bases for these two minis, but haven’t really made much progress painting them.  They’re low priority at the moment, though, so that’s okay.


There’s probably a post about Malifaux rattling around my head: I’ve read the book, but haven’t played the game.  I like some of the minis a lot… but loathe just as many if not more.  The inconsistency of each of the factions is a huge turn-off for me.  Will have to see if the mechanics make up for it.

But, I did prep and base the Sonia Criid starter I picked up a Madicon.