Flamers of Khorne – WIP

Starting to slide into a time crunch: just a bit over two weeks until the Battle for the Cure, so I need to wrap up everything I’m going to bring.

I’ve finished my first octet of Blood Horrors.  Need to post pictures of the final product… but I need to get around to taking them, first.

I’ve started converting up some Flamers: I played a game with them proxied on Tuesday and was very happy with them.

They’re clearly primarily Gors with Gargoyle wings stuck to their backs.  If I’d been thinking, I’d have taken some photos of the hacking / drilling / greenstuffing done to make that work.  (More than I’d expected, but I failed to do the usual amount of damage to my thumb that normally accompanies this much chopping so I can’t complain.)

To make them look more shooty and dangerous than the Blood Horrors, I’m giving them autocannons for right arms: they’ll be getting grenade launchers  for their left hands (just like the Horrors).  Unfortunately, I miscounted my grenade launchers: I’m going to have to wait on a bits order to turn up before I can get that far.

One thing I’m not sure about is how to base them.

25mm bases seem… a little small.  40mm bases are bigger than they’d normally get, and seem too big.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to put them on 25mm bases, but am uncertain enough to entertain dissenting opinions.

Anyway, here are some other pictures of the WIPs: