Rort, the Tomeripper

In the D&D microgame I’m running, we had a goblin NPC survive a couple of encounters through overwhelming cowardice.  Between his recurring role and his indirect ability to help me handwave some encounters to keep things moving, it was decided that he needed a mini.

Warhammer Gobbos are pretty different from D&D goblins, but whatevs.  I had this guy left over from some Games Day.

He did get a handswap: his left hand came with a great big goofy Night Goblin, bat-winged staff that was too over-the-top.  Besides, Rort (the goblin’s name) has this whole ripping magic books up thing, so I gave him a Plague Monk’s arm instead.

His powers come via the destruction of magic tomes… that’s what the burning text is supposed to convey.

To say that I’m happy with how he came out is an extreme understatement.  I can totally pick out a few things that could have come together better… but still.  Man, I think he looks sharp.  Especially the flesh.

Bill‘s timing is impeccable: I caught his e-mail about a Malifaux event in January while I was working on this.  I’ve had all the Gremlins assembled and based for a long while… so pinging me with motivation to paint them just as I’m feeling ultra-confident about being able to paint them.

So, those are what’s next in the queue.

Did want to call out the base: he’s based the same way I’ve done the Gremlins.  It’s a Trench Board base from Dragonforge; they were the closest I could find to something swampy.  Painted the dirt green & brown and hit it with some water effects and ended up with this: