Getting Rid of Google – Progress Report


So, a few months ago, responding to Google’s admission that yes, they’re evil, I moved the blog on over here to WordPress and vowed to divorce Google as much as possible.

I haven’t been especially successful, I’m afraid.

Reader’s been replaced (obviously).  I’m using NewsBlur, which has been steadily getting better and better. Other folks I know’ve moved to and The Old Reader, but I’ve been happiest with NewsBlur.

Semi-obvious: I’ve dumped Blogger for this here WordPress installation.  You know I did this for Warpstone Pile over three months ago.  What you might or might not have known is that I had a little-used RPG-oriented blog, Owlbear Stabbings, that I pulled into this blog last week.  I think it makes more sense to just have everything here. That means you’ll start sporadically seeing RPG-related posts here, intermingled with the hobby stuff. Sorry ’bout that.

And… that’s about it.

I can’t dump Google Authenticator. Heck, I’ve added sites to it.

I still haven’t moved out of Google Docs Drive into Office. I blame inertia.

I gave dumping Chrome for (first) Firefox and (then) IE. I couldn’t do it. IE doesn’t deserve the hate it gets, but ‘cmon. Firefox was shockingly just not comparable. Please, someone make a browser that’s, like, 85% as good as Chrome so I can dump it?

Gmail is similarly undumped, more due to inertia than to hotmail or whatever not working out.

I really need to change my default search engine to Bing. In fact, I’m doing it this instant. Boom.

Google Plus, the font of all misery, remains something I don’t really use. What’s vexing is that many/most of the RPG folks I’m interested in post there and not in the cacophony that is Twitter (for reasons that likely sound good to them). Ideally, I’d just add an RSS to their comments to NewBlur but, oh, wait. Bastardos.

I really need to find a free, angry weekend where I can write a script to parse my posts for images hosted on Picasa, move them into WordPress, and update the references.  I’m confident such a thing is possible, but fuck, I don’t have the bandwidth to fiddle with it.  For the time being, nothing new’s gone in there.

I could have, probably should have done much better in moving out of the Googleplex over the past few months…  but I’ve made some progress. And, considering how much the last couple of months have kicked my butt and how little free time I’ve had, I guess I shouldn’t be terribly ashamed. (Just a little ashamed.  A healthy amount of ashamed.)