Painting Progress 20110625

Not much progress over the past week: I’ve been just too dang busy with work and such.

I did manage to put the finishing touches on a batch of 5 Plague Monks: I needed to knock out a Musician and Standard Bearer and, at that point, I might as well do a few more and get 5 done.

I’m still in the mood to paint Plague Monks, though, and it’s been a while since I’ve tried doing things in a large batch… so I hit 10 with an airbrush.

We’ll see how they go.

I also bitz ordered a skeleton and a swordsman to pull together a model to experiment on.

About as soon as it showed up, however, I decided that all of my living dudes would be based on Free Company models, rather than State Troops models.  Still, it’ll be something to play with colors on.  It’s mostly a swordsman with Skeleton equipment and Karl Franz iconography shaved off.  I sculpted a little skull on his chest… it’s not great, though.  Need to practice that sort of thing.

Finally: if you want some Cygnar for Warmachine or Circle Orboros for Hordes, you should buy my stuff!

Auctions wrap up Sunday night!  (Need to pay for Storm of Magic + Sylvanian Levies somehow, right?)