2020 Year in Review

Year in Review

January was mostly me working to make The Old Dominion Disagreement 2020 come together. I’ve done a spectacularly shitty job posting about the efforts I’ve put into running these ITS events here, but the ODD was a big deal! It was a Satellite! That’s amazing! We had nearly 50 people show up; folks from as far out as Colorado. I over-prized the fuck out of the thing, and that was January.

This wasn’t even all of it.

I also banged away at painting some Combined Army, so I could bring a new army to Rumble, a project I’d started in December.

February was the actual event! And more Combined Army. I also picked up an FDM printer, which has been running almost nonstop since.

March was the last of the CA for Rumble and then, uh, pandemic.

The rest of the year was us buttoned up. I’m blessed with a home, job, and family that has allowed my wife and I stay home for the duration of this. My first day was March 13. I’ve probably been out (besides dog-related activities) maybe a dozen times since. I did a month-by-month of my hobby activities for the first six months back in September. I painted more in the subsequent three months, of course.

Hobby Charts

I’ve been collecting this hobby data for eleven full years, and purchase/painted stuff for five.

I’m surprised that this year didn’t out perform 2016, but I think I know why: I did a lot of TGS / 10mm / 15mm painting which skews the numbers up a bit.

Great painting-to-building ratio here.

This is such a feat: without counting junk I’ve sold, I painted $700 more than I spent this year. I painted more than I spent within almost every month. The exceptions: March, when I panic-bought a bunch of Ogres, and July, when I started buying 40K again.


I think 2020 screwed up everyone’s goals. It screwed up everyone’s everything.

2020 Goals:

  • FinishSuccess. I finished a lot of stuff this year. AoS, 40K, Bushido, Necromunda, Aeronautica Imperialis, Saga… stuff got finished!
  • PaintSuccess. Yeah.
  • CompeteFailure. I played maybe a half-dozen games of Infinity this year, casually, and nothing else.
  • Backlog Partial failure. I’ve painted some stuff in my backlog, but most of it’s been stuff that I’ve bought… and I’ve bought more than I’ve painted of course.
  • Blacklog (Part 2) – Failure. I’ve got some Crimson Fists in the backlog, plus some Malifaux.
  • Print – Success.
  • Rumble ReadySuccess. Didn’t get to use it, but I did get it.

2021 Goals:

  • Finish
  • Paint
  • Compete

(of course)

Beyond that, I have no clue. I hope to be able to get out and play some games and see people but I don’t know how reasonable a goal that is. It’ll happen, but I suspect it’ll happen late in 2021 for me.