No New Minis July

Between Dominion preorders, some deals on Gargants, and just a bunch of stuff for Bushido: June freaking sucked for buying new minis.

I got a LOT painted but, uh, definitely more came in than went out by a factor.

So, time to get things back into balance. No new minis in July.

I tried this back in September, and was fully successful: I painted about 20 Crimson Fists and some Ambots and didn’t buy a blessed mini.

And really, I shouldn’t need any minis: I’ve got a lot on deck: Heavy Gear is on the painting table. I finally sorted out the last bit I need to wrap up my outstanding Orc models. I’ve got a stack of goddamn giants on my table and Dominion shows up this weekend. I should be good. Should.