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NOVA 2014 Inbound!

NoVA Open 2011 Logo

It’s here! It’s at hand!

NoVA’s the big game convention I get to go to, with Games Day dead and Adepticon being as big a fan of my wedding anniversary as I am: NoVA’s it for me. I started out having a great time there and it’s only gotten better.  So, this stands as the gaming high point of my year.

I’ll be popping in later today to register and poke around without the pressure of tournamenting.

Most of the weekend, I’ll be playing in the 40K tournament – it’ll be a thing, given how little I’ve played of this edition, but I’ll muddle through.  I’ll be running my Daemons – I won’t be that guy, though, I promise.

Against my better judgement, the imp of the perverse seized me and I spent time I didn’t have… working on something to enter into the Capital Palette. No clue how well it will or won’t do, but – it’s something I think is worthy of entering. Just need to finish up some freehanding and basing today.

There’ll be a CGL thing Saturday, so if that’s a thing that should be a thing for you and you don’t know about it – hit the forum or tweet me.

If you’re in the DC area and aren’t going: you should be!

Workbench Wednesday

20140820-Workbench Wednesday

Just because I’m not painting anything for NoVA doesn’t mean I’m not painting anything at all.   I’ve been banging out models for my By Fire & Sword Polish starter in no time (they’re 15mm after all) and the airbrush did half the work on a batch of Marines for Bolt Action.

So, hobbying is happening, at least.