A few random things, smushed together into a single post:

I’m officially sick of the Soul Grinder model.

On Tuesday, I noticed that some of the leg blades on one of them had broken off when I’d dropped it a few weeks ago.  Uncool!  Especially because I’d vacuumed that area just a few days before having this realization.  Fortunately, I was able to turn up both blades (which means I must not have done as good a job cleaning as I’d thought I had).

Closer examination of the Soul Grinder legs reveals some chipping, both on the blades that had gone AWOL and some that hadn’t.  Ugh.  The model’s been painted for less than a month, and already it looks like it’s been ungently used by years by a middle-schooler.

Finally, on bringing them in from gaming, I stabilized the foam tray I’d bought hours before (specifically to protect these stupid models)… and in doing so snapped off another leg.

This is frustrating.

I’ve gotten all of two games in in the past month: too busy with work and painting Daemons.  Both games have been against John C.’s Tyranids

I’ve come to the conclusion that, with my mono-god Khorne list, if I see a Tyranid army on the other side of the table, I should shake hands and thank my opponent for the game before we roll for mission.

I’m hope this is a little different with more diverse daemon lists… I’d be surprised if it weren’t.  But with all Khorne, it’s too much of an uphill battle.  Against Khorne, Tyranids have:

  • Faster, more mobile units
  • Too many models to kill
  • Too many dice being thrown around for a 5+ invul save to weather
  • Monstrous Creatures that out-Monstrous Creature my Monstrous Creatures, for fewer points
  • A vulnerability to cover that I can’t leverage
Tyranids don’t really care about Hellblades; their saves aren’t all that great, and they have enough wounds or bodies that I can’t spit out enough attacks.
I also think that using cover to your advantage is key to defeating Nids… but I can’t do that.  No grenades and little-to-no shooting means I can’t hunker down in, or assault into or out of, cover.

Bloodthirsters are expensive chumps compared to Tryanid MCs.  Trygons have higher Toughness, more wounds and vomit out more attacks than a Bloodthirster, for 50 fewer points.
The key, I think, is recognizing and resigning myself to this upfront.  Knowing that winning just ain’t gonna happen means I can just put that aside and focus completely on having a good time and khorninating what I can.

Due to what is almost certainly a combination of the above two points: I have no energy for painting Daemons.  I’ve hit burnout point.  I’m hoping to just power through the Bloodcrushers over the weekend but… I’m just tired of painting.

That puts me at:

I’m excited about Battle Missions.

I expect many of them will be… meh, but Kill Team looks like fun.  I have every expectation that, within the next few months, I’ll have allowed it to seduce me into building a Kommano team.

I think there’s a lot of thinking to be done about Kill Team.  How the format will require different sorts of lists. For example, each of my first cut lists have included something like a Klaw or a Powerfist because, you know, that’s just what you do… except there are no hidden Powerfists anymore.  That sort of thing.