Painting Progress – 20110102

I’ve gotten surprisingly little done.  Given that I’ve had two whole days in which I’ve worn nothing but pajamas, uninterrupted, you’d think I’d have annihilated anything and everything that crossed my painting table.

Instead, I’ve been reading (wrapped up Prospero Burns*, started Empire in Black and Gold), napping and time wasting.

I’m mostly done with the second batch of Gremlins.  At this point, just a few things left to do.  Should be an afternoon’s focus to wrap up.

I’m less motivated to knock them out, though, because I had the realization that my company’s holiday party is the night of the Malifaux thing at Huzzah Hobbies… that’s probably too much for me to try to fit into one day.

At this point, though, I might as well finish them.  Be a shame not to.

Wanted to throw up another WIP of Som’er Teeth Jones.

God, what an ugly model.  In some ways, that’s good; he ain’t suppos’d t’ be purdy.  In other ways, it’s annoying: he doesn’t look anything like any of the other Gremlin models.  It also looks like he’s not wearing anything underneath that coat, and that’s just gross.

Also, I finally took a stab at converting up some Pink Horrors (Blood Horrors?)

Nothing fancy: I don’t think it needs to be fancy.  I’ve certainly learned that, for me, the more involved a conversion gets the less likely I am to finish it, much less paint it.

They’re basically Ungors with bow-hands removed and replaced with grenade launchers.   Some green-stuff goes into gap-filling and making the two pieces “fit” together better.

I’m doing basically the same thing with a Gor for the Changeling.

I did do some extra sculpting around the heads: Ungors have a big gap between the torso and the head that I filled in.  Also I smoothed things out between the shoulders and the back of the head to make things look more hunched over and less… weird.

Easy to put together.  I’ve got another box of Ungors, but have to wait on some bits to show up before I can finish a second octet.

* Micro-review: Actually a solid enough book but utterly a failure as a book titled, “Prospero Burns,” billed as a book about the annihilation of Prospero.  Also, I thought the end was cheap and disappointing.