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Wednesday(ish) Workbench

1-2013-05-23 15.31.49

Progress proceeds (slowly) on the Tau. As you can see, I’ve got some Fire Warriors basecoated, and I’m starting in on a final test model.  I’ve put together some Pathfinders, and I’m starting in on a… I dunno. Either a Hammerhead or a Sky Ray. Both, I suppose.

2-2013-05-23 15.31.55

What I’m doing here is something I’ve wanted to do ever since deciding to revisit my Tau a few years ago: smoothing out the sides of my tanks. Devilfish carry troops, yes, but how many hatches does a Hammerhead or Sky Ray need?

Or so my thinking goes.

Instead of putting the hatches on, I’m filling the space with some 2mm plasticard (not as smoothly cut as I’d have liked) with the gaps filled in with greenstuff and the whole mess sanded super-smooth.  It feels perfectly smooth, but we’ll see what it looks like when it’s been primed.

I’m probably going to do some plasticard stuff to the back of the tank when it’s assembled. That smooth space might work on the sides, but I’m not crazy about it on the back.

Anyway, we’ll see if it works out or not next week, I expect.

Wednesday Workbench

Wednesday Workbench 20310515

I still have a blog and hobby, right?

Nothing fancy here, just some color tests as I try to adapt my old color scheme to something a little more involved than “just make sure everything is covered.”

The base is about where I want it; there’s a wash to apply to the red dirt, but it’s the same setup that I used on my Orks.

The model’s not a done deal, but it’s what I used to work through exactly what colors (besides “grey” and “turquoise”) I’m using.  If you look at this and then look at the above model and squint, though, that’s kinda sorta what the finished product will look like.

Sammael & Ravenwing Librarian

2013-04-27 16.24.38

Finally, at last, the Ravenwing models I started on a bajillion years ago are done, varnished, photographed, and (now) posted.

I started out both of these models with a lot of energy, but for some reason, they both turned into total, complete slogs.

I’m not especially happy with either of them; I’m just happy to be done with them.


I bought into Dark Angels on this model when they first released it. It’s boss. Of course, for some reason I never got around to painting or really using him back when.

My new planned Dark Angels list calls for him, though, so I finally picked him back up.

It’s the metal model, of course. I’d considered selling it and replacing it with a Finecast model… but decided the hassle of dealing with metal < the hassle of repairing Finecast. I was wrong. This is too much freaking metal. Blech.

09-2013-04-27 16.31.46

08-2013-04-27 16.31.15

10-2013-04-27 16.32.09

I’m really proud of the base. I think it came out really well. It looks a lot better than a clear plastic rod, and really makes the jetbike look like it’s floating. Of course,it’s holding up 8 lbs of metal, so I’m terrified about the glue not holding. It’s actually got a freaking nail behind that wall bit.


It’s a Librarian and he’s on a bike, yep.  I feel like I did more greenstuffing on him than actually shows. I don’t know why.

01-2013-04-27 16.23.02

03-2013-04-27 16.27.59

04-2013-04-27 16.28.19

06-2013-04-27 16.28.51

07-2013-04-27 16.29.41

The arm’s magnetized, though. Force Axes > Force Swords right now, but who knows down the line?

05-2013-04-27 16.28.32

Anyway, they’re done, and I’m back to working on Tau.