Chariots of Khorne

Finally finished off the Chariots of Khorne.  They’ve sat around mostly assembled for a couple of months, but only took about two weeks to paint.

The model itself combines a lot of kits:

  • The Heralds are from the Forgeworld Khorne Daemon Prince and Herald kit.
  • The left arm on each of the Heralds is from the plastic Bloodletter kit.  The resin Herald is holding a corpse, and there isn’t really room for that in the chariot.
  • The juggernauts are from the Khorne Chaos Lord on Juggnaut kit.  I wanted it to look different and more awesome than the juggernauts being ridden by my Bloodcrushers.
  • The Chariots are, for the most part, scratch-built.  The bulk of them are spare knuckles from the Soul Grinder kits with some plasticard providing the floors, sides and axles.  
  • The wheels are from the Chaos Chariot.  This is the most annoying thing about the model; it’s kind of a waste.
There’s kind of a lot of brass, so I decided to break it up a bit by painting blood splatters on the juggernauts to match the splatters on the Heralds.