Hobby Progress – 20100922

My slog through painting Clanrats & Slaves has bogged down pretty thoroughly.  Work and a pleasant upswing in tabletop gaming haven’t helped, either.

Here’s where I’m at on Batch #5:

The flesh is the really tedious part, so once I sit down with them again, they should cruise along pretty quickly.

I did find the time and motivation to finish constructing my second Herald of Khorne.  I’m telling myself that as soon as I’m done with Batch #5, I’ll paint these up.  I probably shouldn’t wait, though.

Finally, an eBay’d bitz order that I’d forgotten placing (and had gotten lost in the mail) turned up with some Stormboy bitz.  So, I started fiddling with them.  The result: DOOMROCKET.

The real tragedy is that I’d really like to trick out and convert up the mini.  It’s a Hero, after all, and I’ve got a ton of random bitz… no excuse to have him looking unique.  Except that the model is so detailed… there’s really not much I can do with it.