Another Priest of Mannan

I threw this guy together last weekend, I think.  I’m experimenting with a second Arch-Lector, so I needed another mini.

He’s the same as the last one: Greatsword torso, Flagellant legs, crazy Flagellant head (they come in not crazy?).  Instead of a boathook, I went with a (Free Company) cutlass.

The shield’s from the General kit: the bird will be painted as an albatross.  The giant KF was a no go, so I scraped it off and did another five-pointed crown of Mannan.  It’s a little small, though (that purity seal screws things up) so I filled the space with a goofy, Mignola-esque skull and stuff.  I’m not entirely happy with it: it’ll do, but I’m tempted to go back in and do a CGL on it.  (The club’s CGL, pronouced “seagull,” and there’s a sea gull right there; why not?)

Anyway, this guy will probably be my primary Arch-Lector (since I don’t expect to always run two), and he better fits my preferred Arch-Lector build.  I’m a huge fan of the challenge build:  Arch-Lector, Sword of Might, Shield of the Gorgon, Van Horstman’s Speculum.  He’s amazing at blunting a very dangerous character and, man, everyone hates it when I tell them what he does: that I avoid fielding insane combat characters makes that taste pretty sweet.