Monthly Archives: October 2020


Picked up a Giant on a whim to drop in with the Ogres I painted earlier in the pandemic.

Of course, I finish it just in time to learn that those mammyrammers have removed the ability to take basic-bitch giants in Ogre lists. Cool.


Started these Infiltrators when I started the turrets, but I’m not feeling them. Likely I’m getting burned out on painting Crimson Fists, and need to work on something else for a bit.

Finished all the grav chute guys that came with Dark Imperium/Know No Fear/Vanguard Space Marines, as well as the new turrets.

This is the state of my painted Crimson Fists. Almost everything I have is painted at this point except for the 10x Infiltrators above, 10x Incursors, 10x Assault Intercessors, 3x Outriders, a Librarian, and an Invictus Warsuit. Crap; that’s actually more than I’d thought when I started enumerating everything. :(

Staycation Painting

Starting a new staycation this weekend. Not nearly as aggressive in what I hope to finish as last time: partly because I might be getting a little burned out and mostly because I’m playing a video game at the moment.


About to kick off another staycation. Will lead off with this floaters.

Also, forgot to post the dang finished Ogryn. Probably need to get the lightbox out again soonish.