Monthly Archives: October 2020


Picked up a Giant on a whim to drop in with the Ogres I painted earlier in the pandemic.

Of course, I finish it just in time to learn that those mammyrammers have removed the ability to take basic-bitch giants in Ogre lists. Cool.


Started these Infiltrators when I started the turrets, but I’m not feeling them. Likely I’m getting burned out on painting Crimson Fists, and need to work on something else for a bit.

Finished all the grav chute guys that came with Dark Imperium/Know No Fear/Vanguard Space Marines, as well as the new turrets.

This is the state of my painted Crimson Fists. Almost everything I have is painted at this point except for the 10x Infiltrators above, 10x Incursors, 10x Assault Intercessors, 3x Outriders, a Librarian, and an Invictus Warsuit. Crap; that’s actually more than I’d thought when I started enumerating everything. :(