Painting Progress – 20100207

I think I got good use out of Snōmageddon II: Snow Harder / Snowtorious B.I.G. / 2 Fast 2 Flurrious, wrapping up my first Soul Grinder and powering through my second.  This is good, because the first one took much, much longer to paint.  If the second turns out to take as long, I’m definitely slipping my schedule.  I’m aways off from finishing it, but if I can get to where I think I can get before bed tonight, I won’t be in too bad shape.

As mentioned before, I’ve been lax in posting painted mini pics.  Allow me to rectify that mistake immediately.  Here’s my painted army so far.

I’ve got three octets of Bloodletters.  Each octet has a model with Fury of Khorne, with a great big KHORNINATION symbol on their forehead.  Two of the octets have Icons of Khorne, and the third actually as nine models, no Icon: I intent to merge it with another octet, which means I need eight regular Bloodletters.

Bloodletter octets are designated by blood splatters: one octet has nothing, one has a bloody left hand, and one has a bloody face.
I’ve got two octets of Flesh Hounds.  Each has a model with Fury of Khorne, indicated by bloody faces.
As with Bloodletters, Flesh Hound octets are designated by blood splatters: one has no blood, the other has a bloody left paw.
Finally, I’ve finished one Soul Grinder.  It’s been gloss-varnished, but still needs the sweet kiss of Dullcote before it’s “Done” done.
This means that I’m getting there!