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On GW Stores

So, my Golden Daemon entries showed up in the mail yesterday, in great shape, shipped by the ridiculously helpful Chicago Battle Bunker staff.  Everything went incredibly smoothly, and the Bunker folks went above and beyond in helping me get my entries back (which shouldn’t be surprising, because all of the GW staff that work a Games Day do an amazing job).

I’m deeply appreciative of their help!

I don’t do much with GW stores.  I’m fortunate enough to live in an area fairly well saturated with them, but there’s only been one convenient in the past couple of years (GW Fair Oaks).

The thing is, that store just cannot catch a fucking break from me.  The slightest thing off, and I start crabbing about it.  The store was transplanted from a less convenient location (in Potomac Mills), where the folks down there had screwed things up for me pretty colossally in the past.  Since moving to Fair Oaks, there’s been the occasional screw up that’s really set me off… but mostly because it’s stacked atop the sins of Potomac Mills.

But the thing is: I’m pretty damn confident that nobody involved in any of those screwups has anything to do with the Fair Oaks store anymore.  I’m crapping over a staff for stuff that’s not their fault.  And, if I’m being fair (and I haven’t really): they’ve been pretty solid lately.  I can pick up what I’m there to pick up without being smothered with the stereotypical redshirt hardsell.  Sure, one guy tried to talk me out of a potential conversion (protip: don’t do that, for a host of reasons), but that’s hardly grounds to give an entire store the perpetual stinkeye.

So, because I can’t really properly thank the Chicago Bunker staff by dropping off a case of beer or something, I’m going to try to make up for it by lightening the heck up on their more local comrades.  I haven’t been fair to them; it’s past time to start cutting them some slack.

Games Day Golden Daemon Photodump

So, GW posted pictures of the Slayer Sword winner. Hot. damn.

Anyway, here’s my promised Golden Daemon photo dump.  Again, cameraphone, etc.


Conversion contest & staff army photos!

Games Day!

I successfully made it out to Games Day!  I had an awesome time, because that’s what you do at Games Day.  Staff there is always super, but they seemed even nicer this year: I suspect that’s because they weren’t in Baltimore.

Golden Daemon

The primary motivator for me was, as I’ve said, the Golden Daemon.  My entries were:

The Battle Bunker folk were super-helpful in working with me on arrangements to enter these things and get them back to me, despite being at a wedding that afternoon.  (As it turns out, the wedding started late enough that, had I changed at Games Day, I could have easily stuck around for the whole shebang and then made it in time, but c’est la vie.)

I’d planned on entering the Fimir to Single Model and the Ratwyrm into Monster; I found out the Fimir had to be entered as a Monster, so I bumped the Ratwyrm down to the Open category.  On reflection, I should have put him in the conversion contest: I think it’d have done okay in that.  Also, I really should have powered through the Demigryphs to enter them: I think they’d have done well (I suppose there’s always next year).

It’s important to note that I could not win, because I had to leave early.  I have no illusions that, if I’d been able to stick around later I’d have done better, and I knew it going in.  My goal, as it has been since the first time I entered has been to put in as good a showing as possible (and hopefully make Final Cut).

The Ratwyrm failed to make First Cut.  The Flamers and the Fimir made First Cut, but went no further.  Although that makes this the worst showing I’ve had yet, I’m still pleased.  A few things made a cut of some sort, I got to watch people take pictures of my minis and say nice things about them.  My ego was sufficiently stroked.  More significantly, there was some seriously amazing stuff in the competition: you’re not allowed to feel back about losing out to some of this stuff.  I’ve got a photodump at the end of this post: you’ll see.

I have no clue how the competition actually turned out: I had to boogie while they were making the Final Cut decisions.  I really need to track that information down.

I think that, for next year, I’m actually going to try to compete.  So far, it’s been, “I think I’m going to put something in the Golden Daemon; what do I have that I think might do okay?” Next year?  I’m stepping it up.


Let’s face it: that’s basically 75% of why Games Day exists.  I hopped in the ForgeWorld line after submitting my entries, where I was successfully able to overspend.  Exuberance made it easy for the FW staff (who were freaking on it, man) to do things like talk me into buying a Marienburg Class Land Ship (“You want a Land Ship, too, don’t you?  …  Yes, you do.  … Here, I’ll just go get one for you.”).  

Aside from picking up a few assorted odds, ends, and show-only minis, my haul:

  • Wolf Rats (x2)
  • Warlord on Brood Horror
  • Manann’s Blades Command (x2)
  • Manann’s Blades (x2)
  • Theodore Bruckner
  • The Land Ship (:sigh:)
  • IA – Aeronautica (updated points costs = must buy)
  • Tamurkhan

Tamurkhan’s really the only purchase in there that I have buyer’s remorse about.  It’s gorgeous, but since I’m ultimately so likely to use so little of it (something like 5 pages?), it was a mistake.  I’ll probably resell it soonish.

Aeronautica’s recosting of the Barracuda down to 130 means now I can run it, which means now I should run it, which means now I should paint it, which means now I revisit my Tau.  :sigh:

Fantasy Flight Games had a stand, as usual.  I’d have loaded up on 40KRPG books, but they’re so much cheaper online.  Also, not buying them is considerably lighter than buying them.  I did pick up the two POD Death Angel expansions (Deathwing & Tyranid) I didn’t have, though.


Did anyone else hear about this?  They announced it, apparently, the day before.  It’s Talisman… in Space.  They had two prototype copies of the game they were using for demos.  I didn’t have the chance to sit in on one, though.

I got to chat with both Chung of Wargamers Consortium and Les of AwesomePaintJob (mostly about how they’ve helped meake me not terrified of my airbrush.  Very, very cool dudes.

It was great to see the same dang set of faces that I’ve been seeing for years at Games Day.  Like, really, really great.

I don’t want to rumor-monger, but one of the staff suggested that it might be Games Day Dallas next year.  If that happens: I’ll definitely be there (and by “I’ll definitely be there,” I mean “we’ll definitely visit Mrs. Rushputin’s family in Dallas that weekend, so that I might go to Games Day as well”).

Anyway, I think that just about covers everything that isn’t photodump.  So, let’s get on with that.

The quality of these isn’t quite what I’d like: they were done with my phone’s camera.  Still, they’re not bad, and it’s not like GW won’t post much, much better photos of this stuff at some point.

Armies on Parade

On reflection… that’s kind of an ass-ton of pictures.  I’ll throw up the rest in a post tomorrow.

Games Day Chicago 2012

I haven’t been to a Games Day since those jerks at Games Workshop moved from Baltimore to Memphis and took their incredibly fun and utterly exhausting excuse to drink beer at the Wharf Rat (which, let’s face it, might never have actually been called “The Wharf Rat”) with them.  This hasn’t ceased to bum the heck out of me.

Fortunately, in a bizarre twist of fate I couldn’t have predicted: a close friend of the patient and understanding Mrs. Rushputin is getting married, in Chicago, tomorrow, which means I’m going to be in Chicago just in time for Games Day!

Needless to say, I’m somewhere between Super- and Mega-excited on the Excitement Scale about this.  (Although I’m going to be in Chicago for the wedding, not Games Day, the bride-to-be and I don’t know each other very well, so I think I get a pass for being more excited about toy soldiers.)

I’ll be putting a few things in the Golden Daemon: we all know I don’t stand a chance of actually winning one, but I’ve got to seize the opportunity to enter the competition when it’s presented to me.  The Chicago Bunker staff is being incredibly helpful in this: I’ll be gone and at the wedding by the time the competition wraps up, so they’re going to mail my entries back to me.

Anyway, if you’re going to be there too, keep any eye out for this handsome hairy bastard, probably standing in line to overspend on ForgeWorld:

If you see me, be sure to say hi!  It’ll be interesting to go to something like this and not see the usual faces.

Games Day 2010 – Loot

I didn’t spend too much at this year’s Games Day.  That’s probably for the best: I know I went out of control at my first one. :)

I did walk around Dan and Mrs. Abnett to pick up Blood Pact before things opened up.  I smiled at him, and still feel a little weird about not saying anything to them but… he was off the clock.  Given that he was going to spend the next eight hours talking to fans, the last thing he needed was another one starting the day off early.  He’s too nice a guy to have to deal with me that early in the morning.

The Fantasy Flight games booth’s presence was a very good thing.  It gave me the chance to snap up a couple of things I’d been looking forward to picking up: Deathwatch and Death Angel.
I hadn’t planned on picking up any resin, but impulse motivated me to ask fellow IFL’r Jeff P. to snag this year’s Forgeworld Games Day mini for me while he was going back through the Forgeworld line.

When I was on my way back from the bathroom, they announced they were selling Stompas for 50%.  I don’t need a Stompa: I don’t play Orks and I don’t really play games that involve superheavies… but I was right there and, for $50, I’m sure I can find something to do with a Stompa.  So, I snapped it up (and did so before they started making people WAAAGH for them… that’s how I really won).

Finally, we had some blisters left over from the Rapid Fire prize-support, and GW didn’t want them back.  So, we all picked out some: I kept some random minis that look like fun to paint (particularly excited about painted up the goblins), as well as a couple of Skaven minis.  Everything else is going to go into a bag and get auctioned off at the next Battle for the Cure auction as a Bag of Games Day Crap.

Games Day 2010 – Rapid Fire

As I mentioned, the Iron Fist League ran Rapid Fire again at Games Day.  We were pretty hard to miss: smack dab in the middle of the convention floor, across from the store.

Setup on Friday went down quite smoothly: completely done in about three and a half hours.  I attribute this to Doug McN’s somewhat psychotic organization of terrain: he showed up with a truck full of terrain, all broken out by theme and table: two 4×4 tables per drawer.

After that, it was off to the Wharf Rat Oliver’s Pratt Street Alehouse with the IFL and WNPG guys to wait out traffic before heading home

I’m still waiting on the result spreadsheets but I can speak, roughly, about how active it was.  Last year was insanely successful.  This year, we were still successful but less so.

Last year: there were no open gaming tables; while that was a mistake on GW’s part, we certainly profited from it… if you wanted to game at last year’s Games Day, you had to do it through Rapid Fire.  This year, they had open gaming and, it seemed to me, there were more club tables offering it as well.

Also, we had more tables than we did last year… plus, they put the 40K and Fantasy tables next to each other, which was great since it let us shift tables to the system that needed it most (40K).

So, turnout wasn’t as out of control as it was last year but most of our tables were occupied, and everyone seemed to be having a good time.

For 40K, we had about 2/3rd’s the players.  Fantasy, surprisingly, was nearly dead.  It was much more active last year; we had barely more than ten players.

I’d been concerned that we’d forgotten to talk to Game Vault, who’d very generously given us prize support last year, about prize support this year.

I had no need for concern, though, as Games Workshop hurled stuff at us to give away:

  • Warhammer 40K Battle Points: Killa Kans & Deff Dread
  • Warhammer 40K Longest Winning Streak: Chaos Predator
  • Warhammer Battle Points: Beastman Battalion
  • Warhammer Longest Winning Streak: Warhammer 8th Gamer’s Edition (minus the book)

They also gave us, literally, an entire box of blisters to give away.  So, we did: anyone who won three games in a row got a blister.  At one point, we had a guy waiting kind of an unreasonably long time for a game of Fantasy: we gave him a couple of blisters as a thanks-for-your-patience.

Games Day 2010 – Golden Daemon

On the drive home Thursday, I had the unpleasant realization that Games Day was two days off, one of which was going to be spent… prepping for Games Day.  Basically, that I had Thursday night to finish whatever I was going to enter into the Golden Daemon.

That meant the Bonebreaker I’d had hopes for, but had tabled (thanks to uselessness in 8th), wasn’t going to happen.

I was also quite certain that this was going to be the last Games Day in Baltimore (and therefore the Golden Daemon I’d be able to enter), so there was no reason not to enter into as many categories as possible.

In the end, I painted up the banner on the Doomwheel and that was it.  Everything else was entered as-is.

My entries (just re-posting pics, here, not taking new ones; hence the lack of Doomwheel banner for now):

Warhammer 40K Single Miniature: Dark Angels Librarian

Mostly wanted to see how well he’d do, as I’d painted him in about half a day before the first Rapid Fire.

Warhammer 40K Squad:  Bloodless Bloodletters

Why not, right?  I knew these guys weren’t going anywhere, because they’re modeled… imperfectly.  The seam between face and cranium is one of those things you don’t know to watch for until it’s way too late.  Still, they’re the most unique squad I have.

Folks had commented on them: people I didn’t know would know about my Daemons mentioned that they knew I’d done my whole army this way.  That was kinda neat.

Warhammer 40K Vehicle: Dark Angels Venerable Dreadnought

Mostly because I was trying to hit as many categories as possible.  If I’d realized he’d be a vehicle and not a monster, I’d have submitted one of my Daemon Princes, as well.  No worries, though.

Warhammer Single Figure: Skaven Warlord

Yeah, this guy.  I’d been seriously considering doing my Warlock Engineer, but he came out the other side of rebasing for the worse, and my wife convinced me that this guy was much cooler.

She was right: he made First Cut and, I was told, was extremely close to actually winning an award.  Hot-damn.

Warhammer Monster: Doomwheel

This guy was a no-brainer, but he needed a banner.  That’s what ate my Thursday.  I’ll post pics later.

This was, to understate, a Doomwheel-heavy competition.  Mine was one of three.

It was also one of two to make First Cut.  Boo-yeah.

Lord of the Rings Single Miniature: Haradrim Troll

I’d planned on entering this fellow last year… but made the mistake of looking at Dave Taylor’s blog the morning of the event.  That’s a great way to make yourself feel like an incompetent modeler.  This year, I just went with it.

Misunderstood how things worked in the late afternoon: all of my stuff was still in the cases, and I thought that meant all of it had made the cut (hence the ecstatic FB posts & Tweets).  This was not the case.  Rather, only two models (the Warlord and Doomwheel) made first cut.  Although this means four entries didn’t; I’m okay with that… it means First Cut means a lot more.  Being one of ~5 models means a lot more than being one of ~25.

Overall, I’m quite happy with my performance and satisfied with myself.  I can continue being insufferable as a first-place loser in the Golden Daemon for another year!

Rapid Fire – Games Day 2010

It bears repeating that the Iron Fist League will be running Rapid Fire for both 40K and Fantasy at Games Day this year.

The format is, at its heart, the same as the Rapid Fire tournament Matt H and I run every year at Game Vault: play small games, fast.  It’s a good format for Games Day, because you can play as many games as you feel like… and no more.

Composition rules (which aren’t exactly on the GW website, beyond “500/800”) are:

Warhammer 40,000

  • Max 500pts from a current, published GW codex
  • Force Org: 0-1 HQ, 1+ Troops, 0-1 Elite, 0-1 Fast, 0-1 Heavy Support
  • Max 250pts on any single unit
  • Max 100pts on any single model
  • No 2+ Saves
  • No Model with more than 2 wounds

Warhammer Fantasy

  • Max 800 pts from a current published GW Army Book
  • All GW FAQ/Errata applicable to the chosen GW Army Book are in use.
  • Army must have a character model (Lord or Hero) acting as its General *
  • Army is subject to the following additional composition limits: (0-25% Lords, 0-25% Heroes, 0-25% Rares, 0-50% Specials, 25%-100% Core, 2+ non-character units)

* Tomb Kings may use a Liche Priest as both the Heirophant and General.

I’ll be working the IFL tables… probably the Fantasy ones, but that’s not a lock.  Stop by and say hello if you’re going to be there.  Or, better yet, bring an army and get a couple of quite games in!

Games Day Baltimore 2009!

I’m still exhausted! And dehydrated!

Rapid Fire

The Iron Fist League ran a variant of the Rapid Fire tournament I ran back in March (and plan to run again next year): 500 point games with some light composition restrictions, play as many games as you can as quickly as you can. We did both a 40K and a Fantasy version.

The Fantasy side of things looked like it went about as smoothly as they could have.

The 40K side (where I spent the bulk of my day) was wildly successful. We should have had more tables set up (and we could have, but we weren’t confident that we’d have the turnout to support them), as the line to play got long. One guy complained of waiting over an hour to play! Although that’s a good indicator that things were a lot of fun, that’s an unreasonable amount of time to expect someone to stand around.

At the end of the day, on the 40K side alone (I’ve yet to see the Fantasy score sheet), we had 99 players play 98 games. Most games played: 7. Longest Streak: 5. Highest Score: 10.

A large part of our success was the lack of the Open Gaming tables. I lost count of how many people came by asking for them. I think this was a huge mistake, and I hope they fix it for the next Games Day. I know that the beautiful tables that they’ve had in the past are too expensive and cumbersome to transport, but these people would have been delighted to just have a mat and terrain to play on.

There are some lessons to be learned from the event, I think, but that’s for the club forum, really, and not here.


I spent more than I should have at Games Day. Not more than I could afford, which is good, but certainly this month’s hobby budget.

The real treat of the day was in the madness that was their clearance section (which, while awesome, was kind of a problem: only six to eight people could belly up to the table and everyone else was SOL), I was able to get three Bloodthirsters for $10 pop. I hate the Bloodthirster model, and had been thinking about ways to convert up a better looking one but, for $10, I was sold. Even better was that I was able to flip one of them to someone who hadn’t been able to fight their way to the table for twice what I’d paid (it’s what they offered). So, in the end, I got two Bloodthirsters for $10 total.

I also ordered some of the new Khornate Forgeworld stuff: specifically the Daemon Prince & Herald and two Blood Slaughterers (which will be Soul Grinders). Also, on a strange whim, ordered a Manta. (That’s a little disingenuous: it was an Epic/Aeronautica Imperialis-scaled Manta, not the 30 lb, £875.95 40K scaled one.)

In part of my buildup to my Khornate Daemon army, I’d been hoping to pickup a second Be’lakor model… but he doesn’t seem to be available any more (certainly not in the store, and I can’t find him anywhere on the website). I saw someone who’d bought one, though, so I ran back into the store and grabbed two.

The total list of stuff:

  • Khorne Daemon Prince & Herald (on order)
  • Blood Slaughterer x2 (on order)
  • AI Tau Manta (on order)
  • Aeronautica Imperialis
  • Tactica Aeronautica
  • Bloodthirster x2
  • Be’lakor, the Dark Master x2
  • Herald of Khorne on Juggernaut

The only real problem I had with buying this stuff was actually buying it. The lines were terribly slow. I’m not sure why (the temporary credit card machines were suggested as a possible cause), but a line only twelve people deep should not take over thirty minutes to work through. It just shouldn’t.

Golden Daemon

I’ve never entered anything in the Golden Daemon before, so this year was a first.

I’d decided at the last minute not to enter my Haradrim Troll (because, although it’s a clever little conversion, it’s really not GD-level amazing), but I convinced myself that I should still enter my Deathwing Techmarine. It’s a neat conversion and I think it’s one of my better paint jobs. Also, I never get to use it in a game, so what else am I going to do with it?

At about 2:30, I went to collect my mini: I knew I wasn’t in any danger of winning anything. They wouldn’t let me have it back! “We’re not done with it; we’d like to takes some pictures of it,” I was told. I made the finals!

Ultimately, I didn’t win anything with it, but I never expected to and I can’t get over making it to the finals. It’s really exciting, and I probably won’t stop talking about it for the next few months (apologies in advance).

If I understand things right, they took pictures of it, so it should show up on the Games Workshop website and, possibly, White Dwarf. How cool is that!?