Painting Progress – 20091229

I’m officially sick of painting Skaven.  That didn’t take long, which is a little surprising.  I think it’s because I focused on painting older models (slaves, giant rats) and not the neater, newer models.  I got through a block of 20 slaves and a bit of the way through a block of giant rats before I lost steam.

On the bright side, I’m painting my Daemons, now.  I’ve decided I’m happy with the paint scheme.

I fiddled around with several alternative approaches for the Hellblade…. and all of them looked like utter crap.  So, although the black w/ Coal Black highlights don’t scream “Hellblade” so much as “Heckblade,” they’re the least worst approach.

So, I’ve been painting Bloodletters.

I did try a slightly different approach to doing the post-Ogryn Flesh Dheneb Stone wash: heavy drybrushing.  I’m not sure how I feel about it: I definitely don’t like the result as much as the blocking out that I normally do but, boy howdy, it does go a lot faster.

(The one one the left is the drybrushed one.)

I also did a test model for the Flesh Hounds that’s… a little different than the Bloodletters, but I think still works.

Also, unrelated to all of that, I finished off a Cygnar Squire I’ve had mostly there for quite some time.  Might as well post that now.

Anyway, status on the Daemons: