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It Came from the Lightbox: Monsters

Kragnos painted up in like a day or two. Very satisfied with him.

These Skaven bastards are what had me jammed up for, like, a month. I bought and built them ages ago when the kits were first released (during WHFB 8E) and never got around to painting them. Decided to do them on a lark, to go with the Saga Skaven I’d painted last year and boy was that a mistake: I had to paint an army of Morats to find momentum on them again.

It Came from the Lightbox: Heavy Gear CNCS

These guys got pretty frustrating to me pretty quickly. The kits are pretty straightforward and modular, but I kept running into places where I just had to trust that plastic cement would hold a weapon in place… only to be let down. Even worse, as I painted them, I was constantly reminded that I built these models before getting my new glasses: there was an upsetting amount of flash and burrs that I should have and could have removed but for whatever reason was still present after being primed and basecoated.

But, they’re done, and with a simple scheme: basecoat, highlight, then everything got oil washed. I’d have liked to do decals but the CNCS decals just didn’t work for me and I wanted to get these guys done.


Hugely productive weekend; need to get the lightbox out. Finished my Heavy Gear and Kragnos, made some good progress on some other unfinished stuff. No complaints!


Can you believe I seriously thought I’d finish all this over the holiday weekend?

I’m almost highlighted up on a third of them. The largest third, so it should be downhill from here, but still.

No New Minis July

Between Dominion preorders, some deals on Gargants, and just a bunch of stuff for Bushido: June freaking sucked for buying new minis.

I got a LOT painted but, uh, definitely more came in than went out by a factor.

So, time to get things back into balance. No new minis in July.

I tried this back in September, and was fully successful: I painted about 20 Crimson Fists and some Ambots and didn’t buy a blessed mini.

And really, I shouldn’t need any minis: I’ve got a lot on deck: Heavy Gear is on the painting table. I finally sorted out the last bit I need to wrap up my outstanding Orc models. I’ve got a stack of goddamn giants on my table and Dominion shows up this weekend. I should be good. Should.


Last night I started working on my Heavy Gear

I’d been a little down on my test model, but coming back to it after a month or so I’m feeling pretty good about it!

I’ve got a few models left that I haven’t touched here: infantry and an APC. Those guys can wait until I’ve actually played the game and have figured out how I want to base the infantry.

It Came from the Lightbox: Morats / OP@Home Painting Challenge

Two weeks/three weekends back I decided to do the Infinity OP@Home Painting Challenge to break a couple of slumps (Infinity models, getting anything finished) and here I am: done.

I don’t know that I chose well in choosing the list to paint: constraints here were models I had in-hand, fully assembled but unpainted that I could but into a list. It’s likely I could have chosen a list with fewer models. It’s certain I could have chosen a more viable list. The list I chose met the criteria, though, and seemed worth taking for a spin, at least.

Anyway, I’m done. Hopefully back to wrapping up these dang Skaven models and then on to the next project.

Saga Dice Holder

I got frustrated by all the different sets of Saga dice I have so I made a holder for them.

Each set gets a little tray

They’re magnetized so they stick together. There are some on the side so the max needed at any time can clip together.

And they slot and stick together.