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Bike Windshield

Working on a Genestealer Cults Enforcers conversion to use them in Ash Wastes (it’s been the plan since I started this project) and it’s going to involve some Scout Biker bikes.

I don’t like the idea of double-bolters on the front of these, in general and in particular because the Atalan Jackal models they’re going to counts-as don’t have guns mounted on the. Weird open bolter slots: no good, either, though.

So, TinkerCAD:

It’s not flawless, for reasons I can’t quite sort out but it’s close enough. I can’t find any of those issues in the actual print, and even if I could, this’ll be painted black.

Took a couple of iterations to get the mounting brackets good, which allowed me to bling it up a little bit.

Really happy with the results.


Almost there with this batch. Metal highlights, decals, basing and varnish.

Either have a mega batch of 12 to go or 2 batches of 6. Since this felt too large, it’ll probably be the latter.

Even though I’m hyped as heck about these guys I’m ready to move on.

Genestealer Enforcers Cult Agents

I’m too hyped about these guys to wait for them to be painted: these are my Wyrmblade Cult Agents.

The Sanctus Sniper is the most impressive I think

I also think the Kellermorph is rad. Hard to see but he and his pauldron have forehead ridges.

This guy is supposed to be a Locus but I don’t know if he works as it. Still cool. He’s got a monocle.

The Sanctus Talon feels like the laziest of the bunch, but probably isn’t.

Genestealer Enforcers Progress

Not quite the last of the Neophytes: one guy broke while priming and has to wait.

First of the metamorphs, though.

Current batch is 8 Acolyte/Metamorphs: once I power through them, it’ll be a downhill coast of a half-dozen more + cult agents.