Frostgravin’ It Up

Frostgrave Logo

Casey and I have gotten a few games of Frostgrave in and I’m definitely a fan.  Expect a handful of Frostgrave-related posts in the near-term.

It’s not the tightest game system, but it hums along pretty well.  It’s easy to build for, easy to play, and with all of the rolling on tables (a thing I am known to love), there’s a lot room for emergent gameplay.  The campaign system is interesting: detailed enough to make it worth the hassle, but simple enough to keep it from being a hassle.

The game plays pretty quickly: most things are resolved in a single die roll: two, max. The swinginess of the d20 goes a long way towards mitigating any disparity between warbands.

The setting is evocative, but there’s also there’s an immense room for flexibility and creativity in terms of warbands.  Take a look at the FrostGrave FB group: the variety of models and themes in play is bewildering. Basically, if you have about 10 models and can map those models to the types of hirelings used in Frostgrave, you’re set.

You should give it a shot.

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