Things I Enjoyed: Jan 2023

Have I done nothing but post terrain workbench shots since December?

White Noise

I read White Noise back as an undergrad close to 30 years ago, and it had a pretty big impact on me then, but I haven’t returned to it since. I enjoyed the Netflix adaptation quite a bit. Unfortunately The Airborne Toxic Event, having been placed in my forebrain by Baumbach, looms large every time I see coverage of the tragedy in East Palestine.

The Northman

I don’t know why it took me so long to get around to The Northman. Eggers has only delivered bangers so far, and The Northman was no exception. I remember seeing some criticisms of it that ran along the lines of “It’s just Hamlet :eyeroll:” and you know what? Fuck off with that! It was an excellent adaption of it, and there are much, much worse works to adapt than Hamlet.


I should have hated Wednesday. I expected to hate Wednesday. I didn’t hate Wednesday; I really enjoyed it.