Daemon Prince of Khorne

On a pseudo-whim, I decided to see if I could build a Daemon Prince out of a Chaos Spawn kit. On Tuesday, I’d seen that Casey had done it and it looked really good, so I figured why not? I’ve got a couple of Bel’akor models that I plan on using as Daemon Princes but 1) they’re all winged (which I probably won’t use on account of cost) and 2) are metal and therefore a lot longer to assemble.
So I popped into GW Fair Oaks on the way home from work and started fooling around.
I’m not altogether pleased with it. It’s too runty for a Daemon Prince and the model has a strange balance to it. Also, I was shooting for “hulking, ‘roid rage Bloodletter,” and the Spawn model has too many freakish, lumpy and asymmetrical features to it to really get the effect I wanted.
But, it is what it is, and it’ll do until I assemble some Bel’akors.