Skaven Mounted Spiteclaw

It Came from the Lightbox: More Saga Skaven

Back in October I got a weird motivation to return to the Saga: Age of Magic Skaven I painted in June. There were some options I hadn’t covered in the first wave, so I padded those out, and then things got a little out of control.

I painted/converted/printed:

  • Ratling Guns as Destruction Teams
  • Plague Monks with Empire Archer arms as Levies with Bows
  • Stormfiend as a Monster (more impressive than the Doomflayer)
  • A second Doomflayer (they’re War Machines now)
  • Ikit Claw as a my Warlord (I’d already painted a Warlord, but decided he was more impressive)
  • Jezzails as Warriors with Firearms (sure, they’re multi-based)
  • Wolf-rats from Thingiverse as Mounted Hearthguard
  • Spiteclaw on an upsized Wolf-rat as a Mounted Warlord
  • Padded out my Warriors (rounding out to a full point of Warriors accounting for 4 models being used by Destruction Teams)
  • Padded out my Hearthguard (rounding out to a full unit of 12)

I did break my rule of keeping the army $0 as a result of all of this, though. Most everything came from my Skaven drawer/bitz box, but I did have to buy the Plague Monks, Ikit Claw, Spiteclaw, and a few extra Stormvermin halberds. The Ikit Claw thing is especially frustrating because I’d gotten into my head that I had one and just needed to paint it up but I must have imagined it… so I had to buy one. All told, the 18-ish points of a Saga army cost me about $80.

Oh, also I knocked together 50mm x 25mm pill-shaped cavalry bases for the Ratling Guns and Wolf Rats. I’ve posted it on Thingiverse: 50mm x 25mm Pill Cavalry Base.