The Dreadcoats are coming! The Dreadcoats are coming!


I built these guys up probably back in 2014 and finally got around to painting a batch of them in early 2015. No clue how in the name of George Washington have I not gotten around to posting them until now.

Talk about Muskets & Tomahawks kicking off again at Huzzah reminded me that I needed to get pictures of them, even if I probably won’t use them for that purpose.

Anyway: Dreadcoats.  Simple conversion: Perry AWI British Infantry with Necron heads.

Dreadcoat (2)

Dreadcoat (1)

I have a very clear idea of what I want to do with these guys.  I just need to force some hobby bandwidth and do it.  All of this predates Sleepy Hollow, believe it or not, but boy-howdy does that capture the spirit of my vision.

The Dreadcoats will be accompanied Hexians (get it? Like Hessians?), which still need to see some paint:


They’re also simple conversions: Ghouls with Beastman heads and Perry AWI British hats and muskets.


Suitably gnarly.  Vile King George III would have gotten his soul’s worth when binding these foul spirits to the defeat of patriots.