Historicon 2014

19-2014-07-19 16.56.00

Why bury the lede?  I placed second with the Captain Whistlelock figure I did so well with at NoVA’s Captial Palette last year.

Anyway, Historicon happened this past weekend!  Due to reasons, I was only able to make it out for the Saturday; I’d have really liked to have come out for the Saga tournament, for example, but it just wasn’t in the cards to do more than the one day.  (In fact, getting down for the single day was somewhat dearly bought, but not making it down wasn’t an option.)

I’d hoped to pick up a couple of things from the vendor room: The Crescent & The Cross, the Fireforge Light Mongol Cavalry and maybe, if I was lucky, somebody’d have Donnybrook.  No luck with any of those, though.  I did spend some getting spun up on By Fire & Sword (I backed their first Kickstarter for the rulebook but no minis, and had already plunked down for a larger buy-in with The Deluge), which turned into a purchase.  I also grabbed a box each of Wargames Factory’s new AWI minis, to supplement the Perry ones I picked up a few months ago.

I ran into Ashley and JC and kicked around with them for most of the day and checked in with Casey (who was Bolt Actioning) throughout the day.

I only played in one game, and it was the large WWI table.

14-2014-07-19 10.40.03

I had a good time, despite the scenario being somewhat lacking.  (Allies: run across the table! Germans: murder them all before they reach you! )

Next year, I’m definitely going knife-fight someone to make sure I can get out for more than one day.

Anyway, the rest of the disappointingly inadequate photodump:

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