Paintification Progress – 20101214

Managed to block out all of Sunday to do catch up on some much-needed hobby work.  Things, as I’ve said, have been unbelievably hectic lately so it was a really great feeling to slap some paint around.  Particularly on these, since I hope they’ll go over well at the Battle for the Cure.

I took some pictures while doing the ribbons; I hope to throw together a quick walk-through on how to do them and post it tomorrow.

Before I do just a dump of pictures, I wanted to call out a specific one that kind of breaks my heart:

This was accidental.  I used all of the bald heads ’cause I’m not crazy about the wacky Daemonette hairstyles.    All of the Daemonettes, being Slaaneshi are supposed to be androgynous; given this is GW… that’s expressed by making them extremely feminine but only giving them one breast.

In the context of a model painted for a breast cancer awareness event, however, I see: the determined, resolute face of a survivor.  The bald head of a chemotherapy recipient.  The results of a mastectomy.  The rest of the model is pretty ridiculous, sure, but it hits a lot of buttons.

Also, the larger batch of Daemonettes came out a bit lighter than my test model:

I’m okay with that.  I think the tone one the larger batch looks much better.

Anyway, here’s the rest of the models.

Other than that: I’m working on a mini for my D&D game (for what qualifies as a “recurring villain”, I suppose) and I’ve finally assembled Skulltaker’s Chariot so I’ll probably start painting him soon.

I had big plans for hitting the Dogfish Head Alehouse a mile from my FLGS that I just learned about (their 60 Minute IPA’s been my default beer for something like six years, now) before heading into game (I’ve got a couple of hours between when I boogie out of work and when people start showing up for games)… but forgot my wallet at home.  Maybe next week.

I’ve also made some breakthroughs on automating my Hobby Status spreadsheet, so I hope to have that available for consumption in the next week or so.