Goodbye, NoVA Open

Yesterday, I learned that the IFL Calendar (where I get all my info for gaming events) incorrectly listed the NoVA Open as being on the 7th.  It’s on the 14th.

Unfortunately, so is a good friend’s wedding.  So, even though the NoVA Open is only about 5 minutes from where I normally game, I’m not going to be there.  Depending on how pre-nuptial events go down, I have a hope of swinging by and helping set up the day before (because I’d like to be involved in some fashion or another), but that’s certainly not a lock yet.

This is quite disappointing to me, especially as my excitement for the event had really been picking up.  Now, I just need to let my excitement about the wedding crush the disappointment about the Open.

You folks have fun without me.  (If such a thing is possible.)