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Genestealer Enforcers – Cult Agents

Cult Agents

Of course I finish this project, where I started: the Cult Agents. The idea of these guys is what actually pushed me to start executing on the whole force.


The Kellermorph is it. The Baetrum model is what got me thinking about a Genestealer Cult compromising more than just the miners – the planetary administration. (Don’t get me wrong: I like the miners, too.) All about that crazy wig. Conversion is minor: an extra arm (this guy actually required two Baetrum models) and some greenstuff’d forehead ridges on his head and pauldron.

Sanctus Talon

This guy’s the first model I bought. Like most of these, just a headswap and maybe hands.


I can’t use a Magus in Kill Team but the conversion was kind of demanded by the Scrutinator model, so I did the thing.

Sanctus Sniper

She’s my favorite, I think. I wish there were more female Cultist heads available: just two (the Magus and in the Achilles kit), but I guess two is better than nothing.


I’m mostly underwhelmed by this. He’s fine. I like the monocle. I hate the decision I made with the sash, but can’t come up with an alternative.

Bike Windshield

Working on a Genestealer Cults Enforcers conversion to use them in Ash Wastes (it’s been the plan since I started this project) and it’s going to involve some Scout Biker bikes.

I don’t like the idea of double-bolters on the front of these, in general and in particular because the Atalan Jackal models they’re going to counts-as don’t have guns mounted on the. Weird open bolter slots: no good, either, though.

So, TinkerCAD:

It’s not flawless, for reasons I can’t quite sort out but it’s close enough. I can’t find any of those issues in the actual print, and even if I could, this’ll be painted black.

Took a couple of iterations to get the mounting brackets good, which allowed me to bling it up a little bit.

Really happy with the results.