Web Presence Meta-blogging

Swank!  My Warlord made the FTW Tuesday Top Ten this week.  This is the second time I’ve made the list; the first time was with my Warlock Engineer last October.

Playing around with Google Analytics is interesting.

It’s neat to see the bump that a new post (or a shout out on another’s blog, or the TTT) provides.  What’s even more interesting is to see how people are getting to your blog, and what they’re looking at when they get there.

For example, about of the third of the people who visit this blog come to it straight from Google.  About as many come here from the IFL Forum, which is interesting; the link is in my signature there, but I wouldn’t expect to get all that much traffic from people clicking the link in my signature.

Less than that, I get a number of hits from From the Warp, though not nearly as many as I used to.  I attribute that to FTW’s pretty massive growth over the past year: I might still be listed under Group I, but it’s hard to be noticed with so many other posts.  (I probably should do some brainstorming to see if I can come up with another way for Ron to display recent posts: tucked away in a sidebar isn’t the best way to scan FTW activity.)  I also get a surprising amount of activity from Jay‘s blog; enough that it’s my #8 entrance source.

What’s really interesting is what people are looking for.  Some newer posts are seeing a bit of activity (the Dawn Power Dissolver post, the aforementioned Warlord post), sure, but the stuff that brings all the boys to the yard (as it were) are a bunch of Skaven conversions I posted back in December, my various Hellpit Abomination WIP posts, and my Bloodletter painting “tutorial”.  It’s fascinating to see what has legs and actually goes on to contribute to other people’s hobby.  Quite satisfying and flattering.

Wholly unrelated to my electronic ego: I turned up a link to WIP Warhammer 8th Army Builder file (the link to the current version is down at the bottom of the thread).

It appears to update army construction to use percentages and include the most of the new magic items (all the ones I’m using in my list, at least), so that means it’s good enough for me for now.
Image via the always-brilliant Married to the Sea, w/o permission.